License Management for License Users

On the License Management Portal, you can view the licenses assigned to you and download product installers.


Log in to the Portal using your SmartBear account. This screen also allows you to create an account.


SmartBear Login Screen

The Portal displays information on all the licenses available to you. Here is a sample view:

License Management Screen for Users

Download a product installer

  1. Find the product and license on the Portal.

  2. Expand the license node to see SmartBear accounts assigned to the license seats.

  3. Click download.png. In the subsequent dialog box, select the product version for downloading. Click Download:

    Download product installer

Get access key

In the top right corner, select sb_user_circle.png and then Settings. From the Access Key dialogue, copy the access key:

Getting the access key


For information on using the access key for running SmartBear products, see the product documentation.

When not in use

Whenever you close a SmartBear product for which you have a floating license, that license is released for other users in the pool to take up.

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