Release and Revoke Licenses

About license releasing and revoking

It’s quite possible for a user to be consuming the license seat without working with the product. For instance, that user may forget to close the product before going home. In this case, you may want to release the user’s license seat (disconnect that person from the license server) and make the license available to other users.

Don’t confuse releasing a license (or disconnecting a user) with license revoking. Releasing (or disconnecting) terminates the use of the license by a given user, but keeps this user in the list of assignees (that is, in the list of those who can use the product). Revoking removes a user from this list.


  • To release or revoke license seats, log in to the On-Premise Licensing Portal as an administrator (you specified the name and password of this account during the License Server installation).

  • If you have the Allow for everyone setting active, the licenses on your On-Premise License Server are available to all users in your network. So, it is impossible to revoke individual seats.

Release a license (Disconnect a user)

Below is an explainer video guiding you through releasing and revoking licenses. Alternatively, follow the steps below.

  1. Find the product and license on the On-Premise Licensing Portal.

  2. Look at the License status and Idle time.

    If they indicate the license can be released, click Disconnect to release the license:

    Release a license seat
  3. If the person is using the license on two or more machines, the Portal will display a dialog asking you to specify the machine for disconnection:

    Disconnect from multiple machines

Revoke a license

If a user doesn’t need a license anymore, you can revoke that license.

  1. On the On-Premise Licensing Portal, find your product and license.

  2. Find the user account in the list. Check the License status and Idle time columns to ensure the user is not working with the product.

  3. Click revoke-b.png to revoke the license from the user:

    Revoking a license

You can then assign the license to another user.

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