To access the License Management Settings screen, select sb_user_circle.png in the top-right corner, and Settings, as below:


This opens the Settings screen. The top-right corner now shows your user role beside the  sb_user_circle.png  icon. User roles include the following:

  • User - license users on subscriptions

  • Trialer - license users on trial licenses

  • Representative (shown below) - SmartBear employees

Clicking the arrow by the  sb_user_circle.png  icon brings up the User Menu, with the following information and links:

  • The email address associated with your account

  • Manage My Account - where you can update your account phone number and password

  • Settings

  • Log Out


Control panels

The Settings page has two control panels:

  • Access Key

  • Appearance


Access Key

You need the Access Key when setting up headless testing. Use it in your command line configuration as specified in your product's documentation. See Headless Testing for more information.

Boxed below are three features of this screen:

  • Copy to clipboard - for inserting into your command line config

  • Toggle visibility - click to reveal/hide key

  • Regenerate - click to recreate key if required (invalidates prior key)



Clicking on Appearance in the lefthand menu brings up the Appearance tab:


From here, you can manage the appearance of License Management on your device. Choose between:

  • Sync with OS Settings: In this mode, License Management matches your operating system's light or dark appearance.


    When selected, this overrides the two options below

  • Light: mode recommended for daytime use.

  • Dark: mode recommended for nighttime use.

To return to the Licenses main page, click Licenses, as in the image below:


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