H2 Database Migration

The On-Premise License Manager 2.x uses the updated version of the H2 database. If you want to upgrade the On-Premise License Manager from version 1.3.1 or earlier, you must migrate the existing database.


The database migration must be performed before running the On-Premise License Manager installer.

To migrate the database, do the following:

  1. Download the migration scripts package file from https://download.smartbear.com/slm/h2-migration.zip.

  2. Extract the package directly into the On-Premise License Manager installation folder.

    See the example for Windows:


    See the example for Linux:


    The new migration folder is created.

  3. Navigate to the migration folder relevant to the operating system you use.

    See the example for Windows:


    The readme file contains further instructions for steps 4-6 below.

  4. Stop slm_service if it is running. Run the stop-slm-service script.


    You can perform the database migration only when the License Management service is shut down.

  5. Run the migrate script and wait until it is complete.

  6. Start slm-service. Run the start-slm-service script.

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