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Request offline license

To activate a Floating license on the On-Premise License Server, export the license from the License Management portal to your network. By default, using the On-Premise License Server and the license exporting feature are off. To turn them on, send a request to your Sales Representative at SmartBear. They will update our database to enable these features for you.

You can proceed with license activation after you receive the confirmation from your Sales Representative. If the features are enabled, you will see the Export License ... button for your Floating license on the License Management portal:

Exporting a Floating license

Below is an explainer video guiding you through adding and returning licenses. Alternatively, follow the steps below.

Start license activation

You can activate a license in your network after you receive the confirmation from Sales Representatives:

  1. Start on the local licensing portal: open the On-Premise Licensing Portal in your browser and log in by using the administrator user name and password that you specified during the License Server installation:

    The Login dialog of the On-Premise License Server Portal
  2. On the Portal, click Add License (if you don’t have any licenses added yet) or click “ + ” at the top right:

    Start adding a license

    The following dialog box will appear:

    The Add License dialog
  3. In the dialog, click Download to download the License Server’s fingerprint file, or copy the fingerprint data to the clipboard. The fingerprint data has encoded info on the License Server hardware.

    Copy fingerprint data

    Important: Keep the dialog box open.

Export the license

  1. Now, open License Management in your browser:


    If your local License Server computer has access to the Internet, you can do this right on it. Otherwise, do it on another machine that has access to the Web.

    Log in to License Management as a license administrator.

  2. On License Management, find your Floating license and click Export License:

    Exporting a Floating license

    This will invoke the following dialog box:

    The Export License dialog
  3. In the dialog, upload the fingerprint file you got on your On-Premise License Server or insert the file content into the dialog:

    Upload the server's fingerprint file


    To activate the “content insertion” mode, click the insert its content link in the dialog:

    The 'insert its contents' link
  4. After you upload the fingerprint file, the Portal will generate a file with the license data. Download this file and copy it to your On-Premise License Server computer.

    Download the license data file

    If the download was successful, you will see a notification like this:

    Notification on successful license export

Add the license to the local license server

Now, return to the On-Premise License Server web page. Upload the license file in the Add License dialog or insert the license file content. Click Add License to activate the license on the server:

Activate offline Floating license - Final step

Now, your license is bound to the On-Premise License Server. It is controlled by it, not by the SmartBear license servers available on the Web. You can assign license seats to users of your network.

Next steps

  1. Assign license seats to users.

    See Assign Licenses to Users.

  2. Configure your SmartBear product

    When users start their SmartBear product, they must specify the On-Premise License Server as the license server. Then, depending on the License Manager settings, they may need to enter their domain username and password. The dialogs they see depend on the product. For more information, see the documentation for your SmartBear product.


  • The activated offline Floating license is bound to the On-Premise License Server computer.

  • To move a license to another computer, you have to release it on the current machine first and return it back to the License Management Portal. For more information on this, see Return Licenses Back.

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