Licensing in Private Networks

By default, license usage is controlled by SmartBear license servers available on the Web. Your SmartBear products connect to these servers to check if a license seat can be used or not.

Computers working in private networks might have no access to the Web so these licensing servers might be unavailable. To use SmartBear products in these conditions, you need to convert your license to an offline one and then activate the offline license in our network. How you do this depends on whether you have a Fixed User or Floating license. See below.


The license type name – offline – indicates that the license is controlled on your side. The opposite name – online – means a license is controlled by the SmartBear license servers.

Preferred solution

We recommend using online licenses wherever this is possible. It is just easier to manage and maintain them. Ask your network administrators if it is possible to configure proxy and firewall settings in your network to allow connection to the SmartBear license servers. If administrators configure the settings, you can activate and use the licenses in the usual way.

Activating licenses in private networks

If configuring network settings is not possible, you need to convert your online SmartBear licenses to offline ones and activate these offline licenses in your private network. Follow these links for details:

go.gifFixed User licenses

go.gifFloating licenses

Floating licenses require downloading and installing a special On-Premise License Server.


  • Offline licenses don’t require a permanent network connection to the SmartBear license servers.

  • Offline licenses are bound to the computers where you activate them. The licenses cannot be activated on other machines until you release them on your computer.

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