Performance Profiler

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

The Performance profiler is used to monitor the performance of 32-bit and 64-bit applications.

The following topics provide detailed information about the Performance profiler.

General Information

Performance Profiler - Overview

Provides a general overview of AQTime’s Performance profiler.

Performance Profiler Options

Describes the options that allow you to customize the Performance profiler’s functionality.

Tracing Call References - Specifics

Explains the specifics of function call analysis in the Call Tree and Call Graph panels displaying Performance profiler results.

More Information on Performance Profiling

Provides links to topics that contain additional information on profiling applications with the Performance profiler and describe the most common tasks you perform during profiling.


Performance Profiler Results

Performance Profiler Results - Overview

Provides a brief description of results generated by the Performance profiler.

Results of the Routines Category

Describes the results that were collected for the application's routines during profiling.

Results of the Modules Category

Describes the results that were collected for the application's modules during profiling.

Results of the Source Files Category

Describes the results that were collected for the application's source files during profiling.

Pseudo-Routines in Profiling Results

Describes pseudo-routines that collect additional information for the profiled application.

Calculating Percent in the Report Panel

Explains how % with children values are calculated in Performance profiler results.

Profiler Toolbar - Performance Profiler Items

Describes the items that the Performance profiler appends to the Profiler toolbar. The items are specific to the profiler and help you customize the result display.

Performance Profiler Panels Reference

Provides detailed information on the Report, Call Tree and Details panels.

Related Topics of Interest

Profiling .NET Applications - Specifics

Describes the specifics of profiling .NET applications with the Performance profiler.

Compiler Settings for .NET Applications

Explains how to add debug information to .NET applications in order for AQTime to be able to profile the applications.

Best Practices and How to Tutorials

Provides tips and techniques for profiling applications and analyzing the profiling results.

Performance Profiler Results - Database Structure

Describes the structure of Performance profiler results exported to a database.

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