Typical Use Cases

Last modified on November 15, 2022

In this section, learn about various best practices that you can use to enhance your experience with LoadNinja.

In This Section


Learn your virtual users to submit data from an external source to a web application or service.

Internal Apps

Use LoadNinja load testing capabilities to ensure the high quality performance of websites within your local network.

Single-Page Applications

Create load tests for single-page applications with synthetic steps.


Learn how to debug your virtual users when they encounter issues and errors.

Object Recognition

Switch between multiple object recognition presets and customize recognition expressions.

Upload Files

Record file uploading during script recording.

Block URLs

Learn how to command LoadNinja to block certain addresses during script playback.

Distribute Load

Learn how to record your scripts from various locations and distribute the load across them during load tests.

Compare Images

Compare screenshots captured during script recording and playback.

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