About Scenario Editor

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

About the Scenario Editor

Scenarios in LoadComplete are sequences of operations that simulate web traffic and control the traffic flow during the simulation. You create scenarios by recording the web traffic to simulate, and (optionally) by adding operations to control the traffic flow.

In the Scenario editor, you can view and edit your scenarios.

Here is a sample view of the editor:

Scenario Editor

Click the image to enlarge it.

Opening the Editor

  • Double-click the needed scenario in the Project Explorer (all scenarios are in the <Project> | Scenarios collection).

– or –

Scenario Editor Contents

  • Scenario Explorer - Lists operations in the scenario. See details.

  • Operation Editor - Shows properties of the operation that is currently selected in the Scenario Explorer.

  • Operation Repository - Lists all operations you can add to your scenarios. See details.

  • Host List - Lists servers, to which the scenario will send requests. See details.

You can customize the layout of the panels in the Scenario editor to suit your needs better. You can change the panel size, position, docking, hide the panels, and so on. To learn how to customize the LoadComplete interface, see Customizing LoadComplete.

Working With the Editor

For information on … See …
Tasks you can do in the editor Scenario Editor - Common Tasks
Editing operation parameters Editing Operation Properties
Parameterizing requests Parameterizing Requests
Extracting data from server responses Extracting Data From Responses
Settings synchronization points Synchronizing Virtual Users
Recording scenarios Recording User Scenarios
Creating load tests based on a scenario Creating a New Load Test
Customizing the editor and panels layout Customizing LoadComplete

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