Extracting Data From Responses

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

In LoadComplete, you can extract values from responses to validate the response content or to re-use the extracted data in further requests:

  • You use data selectors to extract data from bodies of HTML and text responses, WebSocket messages the server sends, response headers and cookies.

  • To extract data from Rich Internet Application (RIA) responses, such as JSON, XML or AML, store the needed values of specific response‚Äôs elements to variables.

In This Section

Extracting Values From RIA Responses

Explains how you can extract values generated by Rich Internet Applications (RIA).

Extracting Values From Arbitrary Parts of Responses

Explains how you can use data selectors to extract values from response body, headers, or cookies.

Further Steps

Data Correlation

Explains how you can re-use values returned by a tested web server in further requests.

Validating Response Contents

Explains how you can compare data received from a web server with baseline data.

Modifying Correlation Data

Explains how you can modify data extracted from server responses.

Changing the Tested Server

Explains how to retarget requests in a scenario to a web server, whose URL is extracted from a previous server response or from an external source.

Related Topics of Interest

Using Variables in Requests

Explains how you can replace recorded parameters in requests sent to the tested web application with variables.

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