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Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

About the Panel

The Host List panel of the Scenario editor shows the list of servers, to which the scenario sends requests.

LoadComplete adds servers to the list during the scenario recording. You cannot add or remove them manually. However, you can disable or enable certain hosts (and disable or enable requests to these hosts during the scenario execution).

LoadComplete uses the host settings both when you verify a scenario and when you run it in your load test.


Column Description
Enabled Specifies whether LoadComplete will simulate requests to the host.

If you clear the check box, LoadComplete will not send requests to the host during the scenario simulation.

Recorded Host Name of the host (with the port), request to which the scenario contains.
Simulated Host Name of the host (with the port), to which LoadComplete will send requests during the test run.

To send requests to a host, other than the recorded host, enter the name of the needed host in the column. You can also enter the name of the variable that holds the target host name (in the @Variable_Name format).

LoadComplete will redirect all requests from the recorded host to the specified host.

The Simulated Host value should include the port number. If you delete the port when editing the cell’s value, LoadComplete will use the port that was used at recording time (specified in the Recorded Host cell).

Managing Hosts

To redirect all the requests sent to a host to another one

To disable all requests to a host from the scenario

To exclude a host from subsequent scenario recordings

To enable requests to disabled hosts

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