Parameterizing Requests

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

This section describes how to parameterize your tests in LoadComplete.

In This Section

About Parameterizing Requests

Explains how you parameterize requests in LoadComplete.

Preparing Test Data

Describes how to access test data stored in external files or generated by LoadComplete.

Parameterizing Rich Internet Application Traffic

Describes how to parameterize requests of Rich Internet Applications, like Adobe Flash or Flex, or Microsoft Silverlight.

Parameterizing Requests in the Parameterization Wizard

Contains step-by-step instructions on parameterizing requests with the Parameterization Wizard.

Parameterizing Requests in the Scenario Editor

Describes how you can parameterize requests manually in the Scenario editor.

Related Topics of Interest

Using Variables

Explains the concept of variables adopted in LoadComplete.

Changing the Tested Server

Explains how to retarget requests in a scenario to a web server, whose URL is extracted from an external source or from a previous server response.

Data Correlation

Describes how to parameterize requests with data extracted from preceding server responses.


Parameterizing Requests in LoadComplete - Tutorial

A quick tutorial on how to modify a test so that virtual users log into the tested web application using multiple accounts.

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