Load Testing on Cloud Computers

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

In LoadComplete, you can simulate recorded traffic on cloud computers. This section describes how to configure a cloud environment for load testing and how to run load tests in it.

In This Section

About Load Testing on Cloud Computers

Provides general information on load testing in cloud environments.


Follow this tutorial to learn how to create a simple load test that simulates traffic on Amazon cloud computers.


Describes the requirements that must be met to simulate virtual users on cloud computers.

Recommended Instance Types

Provides recommendations on how to select an instance type that suits your testing needs better.

Launching Cloud Computer Instances

Describes how you can launch Amazon cloud computer instances from LoadComplete.

Estimating Cloud Resource Costs

Explains how LoadComplete helps you estimate the cost of using cloud machines in your load tests.

Terminating Cloud Instances

Describes how to terminate cloud computers automatically and manually when you no longer need them.

Creating Custom Amazon Machine Images for Load Testing

Describes how to create a custom Amazon Machine Image from which you can launch cloud instances to simulate virtual users.

Launch Instances Dialog

Describes the Launch Instances dialog you can use to launch cloud instances.


Cloud resources are payable.

Instances launched from LoadComplete will be running until you terminate them manually or until LoadComplete terminates them at the end of the test run (see Terminating Cloud Instances). You will be charged for the time during which your instances were running.

We recommend that you check that all your cloud instances are shut down after you no longer need them.

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Setting Up Remote Agent Stations

Describes how to set up LoadComplete Remote Agent on remote workstations.

Distributed Testing

Describes how to simulate virtual users on remote load stations.

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