Distributed Testing

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

You can use the LoadComplete Remote Agent utility shipped with LoadComplete to simulate virtual users on multiple workstations. This section explains how to install the utility and use it to simulate virtual users on remote workstations.

This section contains topics that provide information about simulating virtual users on remote load stations and about using the Remote Agent utility.

In This Section

About Simulating Virtual Users on Multiple Workstations

Provides general information on simulating virtual users on remote load stations.


Describes what requirements remote load stations must meet for you to be able to use them for simulating virtual users.

Setting Up Remote Agent Stations

Describes how to set up LoadComplete Remote Agent on remote load stations and prepare load stations for testing.

Assigning Load Stations to Virtual Users

Describes how to assign load stations to virtual users in your load tests.

Tips on Simulating Users in Distributed Tests

Contains some recommendations on simulating a massive number of virtual users.

LoadComplete Remote Agent Reference

Provides information on the LoadComplete Remote Agent.

Related Topics of Interest

Managing Load Stations

Describes the Station editor where you can select one or more remote agent machines on which virtual users will be simulated.

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