Version 4.0.801

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on June 13, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 4.0.801. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.


  • added — "Fun Facts" feature on home page

  • added — User list drop-down now support substring-based searching for names

  • added — Custom reporting view defects_by_file

  • added — Command-line client now connects to server much more quickly

  • added — Addchanges from multiple SCM configurations in one command

  • added — All global options can be overridden on the command-line

  • added — Special last keyword can be used on the command-line to refer to the review that was last created

  • added — Version control system is automatically detected by the command-line client in most cases

  • added — Ability to disable all metrics displays (Case 25888)

  • added — Ability to edit list of files before they get uploaded for ccollab addactivity and ccollab addtrack (Case 35009, 35383)

  • added — Home page action items have more information and are split by incoming, outgoing, and more

  • added — Many UI elements can now expand and contract

  • added — Date input boxes now use a proper calendar widget

  • added — Database diagnostics help you and tech support diagnose problems

  • added — Cleaned up user activity statistics on the Admin/User page so it is easier to see how many licenses you really need

  • added — User initials algorithm now supports "Last, First" semantics

  • added — Button on New Review page lets you pick up custom field settings from the previous review

  • added — Added on-wire compression for more web page elements for faster page-load times

  • added — Speed improvements for the Review Overview page, eliminating 60% of the SQL queries

  • added — Speed improvements for the Chat pane, making the common no-op case fast

  • added — Review columns are hard to differentiate with many reviewers (Case 35450)

  • added — Improved defect icons for red-green colorblind users (Case 35023)

  • fixed — Syntax highlighting got confused with certain sequences of escape characters in C-style strings

  • fixed — Subversion checkout at root of local disk fails to upload files properly (Case 34992, 35056)

  • fixed — New files/directories caused Eclipse plug-in to fail to find other modifications (Case 35664)

  • fixed — Users could re-open review by continuing to comment; now must explicitly re-open the review with a button.

  • fixed — When server is awaiting database upgrade, clients were reporting "incompatible server" instead of "needs database upgrade" as the error message (Case 32710)

  • fixed — Incorrect handling of non-UTF-8 characters in communications with the Perforce server (Case 36367)

  • fixed — Reporting database view review_activity now includes all participants, not just those with non-zero activity time

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