Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on May 06, 2024

The Command-Line Client needs to be able to connect with your Collaborator Server, connect with your SCM system, and may need to launch a graphical editor for selecting files to be uploaded to reviews. The following sections describe configuring the Command-Line Client for these actions.

Global Options

The Command-Line Client supports many global options and sub-command options. Global options may be specified on the command-line before the sub-command for each invocation, or they can be saved and applied to all future invocations using the set sub-command.

Default settings for global options can also be set using one or more configuration files.

Configuring Collaborator Server Connection

If you used the graphical installer, your connection to the Collaborator Server should be configured already. Otherwise, you will be prompted when you try to connect. Try testing your configuration to verify the configuration is detected correctly. You can also manually configure your connection using the login sub-command.

Configuring Version Control

In most cases, the Command-Line Client can automatically detect your SCM system configuration. Try testing your configuration to verify the configuration is detected correctly.

If the Command-Line Client is unable to detect your SCM system, or if you want to override the detected settings, you can specify SCM configuration settings using global options:

Testing Configuration Settings

To test the current configuration settings, go to working copy of your repository (the place on your local machine where files from an SCM system are checked-out) and execute:

This prints the current effective Collaborator and version control configuration settings. If you have not specified the scm global option, the Command-Line Client will attempt to automatically detect your SCM configuration.

You will see some error messages if the configuration is not valid. If all goes well you should see something like this:

Connecting to Collaborator server http://myserver:8080

Connected as: John Doe (jdoe)

Auto-detecting SCM System for 'C:\mycode'

Detected Subversion

SCM Username: jdoe

SCM Config: repo=http://mysvnserver/repos/myrepo

Graphical Editor Configuration

The Command-Line Client uses the default system text editor to display files to be uploaded for review. You can override this to point to any other text editor using the editor global option.

Some editors on some platforms are launched as detached processes. This will cause the Command-Line Client to continue before the editor is closed, losing any changes made to the file list. The editor-prompt global option can be used to pause the Command-Line Client after the editor is launched and wait for user keyboard input before continuing.

Configuration Files

Collaborator uses several configuration files to store default global options. When a user saves a global option setting (using ccollab set), the setting is stored inside a directory called .smartbear inside the user's home directory. In Windows, the home directory is the Documents and Settings/%your profile% directory.

Global options specified by command-line switches override settings stored in the configuration files.

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