Last modified on August 24, 2020

DejaNotes provides the ability to annotate your scripts with comments, instructions, field input, or other descriptive information without any effect on the replay. This is especially helpful when team members share scripts and for future reference. You can see the notes during a replay, but they will not affect your transaction.


To add a DejaNote:

  • During a recording or while replaying, click Add_Note-postit.png on the toolbar and a select a note style:






  • Click the note icon on the toolbar again and click anywhere on your web page to place the note. The note will appear at that location.

  • Enter your text.

Edit Note

Each note type has a mini-toolbar that you can use to edit a note:

Dejanote mini-toolbar

Click the image to enlarge it.


Click Delete Note at the upper-right corner of a note to delete it.

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