Applies to TestComplete 14.30, last modified on November 21, 2019

This section provides information on how TestComplete identifies objects in web applications.

In This Section

About Web Object Identification and Object Models

Provides an overview of web object models and explains how you can refer to web page objects from your tests.

Tree Model

Describes the Tree object model of web pages.

Web Elements Included in and Excluded From the Tree Model

Provides information about web elements displayed in the Object Browser in the Tree object model.

Web Object Types Used by the Tree Model and Hybrid Mobile Applications

Provides information about the type names of web elements used in the Tree object model.

DOM Model

Describes the DOM object model of web pages.

Tag Model

Describes the Tag object model of web pages.

Hybrid Model

Describes the Hybrid object model of web pages.

Changing Web Object Model From Tests

Explains how you can dynamically switch between different test object models during the test run.

Web Elements Included in Auto Name Mapping

Explains the Name Mapping structure generated for web applications.

Using Custom Attributes of Web Objects

Explains how you can use custom attributes of web elements in Name Mapping.

Related Topics of Interest

Accessing DOM document Object

Explains how you can access a web page’s native DOM document object and use it in your tests.

Accessing Native Web Attributes and Methods

Explains how you can improve you tests using native properties, attributes and methods of web elements.

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