Applies to TestComplete 14.40, last modified on June 02, 2020

Each test project has the Name Mapping repository. It stores all objects used in your tests (applications, mobile devices, web pages, windows and controls) and the information used to identify these objects.

Note: Mapped objects are not supported in cross-platform web tests. To learn how to locate objects in such tests, see Addressing Objects in Cross-Platform Web Tests.

In This Section

About Name Mapping

Describes the Name Mapping repository and explains how TestComplete tests use it.

Adding Objects to the Name Mapping Repository

Explains how you can add objects from your tested applications to the Name Mapping repository.

Basic Mapping Criteria

Explains how to identify objects by their properties.

Conditional Mapping Criteria

Explains how to specify object identification criteria using conditional expressions.

Extended Search

Explains how to use the Extended Find setting to identify objects in a dynamic object hierarchy.

Required Children

Explains how to identify objects by their child objects.

Name Mapping Templates

Describes how you can customize identification properties TestComplete uses for various object types.

How To

Explains how to work with objects in the Name Mapping repository.

Name Mapping Configurations

Provides information about name mapping configurations, which allows you to use different identification property values in the mapping criteria for different application versions.

Name Mapping Editor

Describes the Name Mapping editor, where you can see mapped objects and edit their identification properties.

Related Topics of Interest

Adding and Removing Project Items and Their Child Elements

Explains how you can add the NameMapping project item to your project. This is done in the same way you add any other project item.

Web Elements Included in Auto Name Mapping

Explains the structure of the Name Mapping repository generated for web applications.

Object Browser Naming Notation

Describes the naming syntax for objects that are not in the Name Mapping repository.

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