Applies to TestComplete 14.10, last modified on June 5, 2019

TestComplete lets you quickly create automated tests by recording actions in desktop, web and mobile applications. TestComplete can record data input, item selection, website navigation, form submission, mobile gestures and other user actions. You can also create checkpoints during test recording.

After recording a test, you can review and improve it in TestComplete built-in editors.

In This Section

About Recording Automated Tests

Contains basic information on recording.

Recording Toolbar

Describes the Recording toolbar that is used to control the recording process.

Record Test Wizard

Describes the Record Test wizard that helps you start test recording, create a project to which the test will be added and specify an application to test.

Recording Specifics

Describes recording specifics and tips.

Recording Actual Delays Between User Actions

Describes how to record delays between user actions and play them back.

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Creating and Recording Web Tests

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Recording Android Tests

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Recording Gestures (Multi-Touch Events)

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Recording iOS Tests

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Recording Tests for Hybrid Mobile Applications

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Test Visualizer

Describes the TestComplete Test Visualizer, which captures images of your tested application as you record various actions over it.

Creating and Recording Low-Level Procedures

Explains how to record a low-level procedure.

Recording Options Dialog

Explains TestComplete settings that affect the recording.

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