Classic Web Testing

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

TestComplete allows you you to perform functional web testing. You can record and run automated tests for your web applications in various browsers to verify that they work correctly.


About Testing Web Applications (Classic Approach)

Describes basic concepts of web testing.

Basic Information and Requirements

Supported Web Browsers and Technologies

Provides an overview of the web browsers and web application technologies supported by TestComplete.

Requirements for Web Testing

Describes TestComplete plugins and other settings required to perform automated web testing.

Preparing Web Browsers

Describes browser settings required to create and run automated web tests.

Creating Web Tests

Creating and Recording Web Tests

Explains the basics of recording and creating automated tests for web applications.

Understanding Web Object Identification and Object Models

Explains how TestComplete identifies objects in web applications and describes web object models.

HTML5 Support

Describes TestComplete automated testing support for HTML5 web elements and technologies.

Support for Web Controls

Describes TestComplete automated testing support for web GUI objects.

How To

Explains how to automate some common web testing tasks, such as launching a browser, finding web page objects, handling JavaScript popups and so on.

Cross-Browser Testing in TestComplete

Describes TestComplete support for cross-browser testing and explains how you can run the recorded tests in different web browsers.

Considerations for Web Testing

Describes considerations for and specifics of automated web testing.

Possible Issues With Web Testing

Describes issues that may arise during automated web testing.

Web Testing - Examples

A collection of ready-made test scripts for various web test cases, such as checking for broken links or parsing HTML tables.

Related Topics of Interest

Mobile Web Testing

Explains how to test web applications on real mobile devices and emulators.

Testing Flash and Flex Applications

Provides information about testing Flash and Flex applications running on web pages.

Testing AIR Applications

Provides information about testing AIR applications.

Testing Silverlight Applications

Provides information about testing Silverlight applications.

About Support for Chromium Embedded Framework

Describes TestComplete automated testing support for applications based on Chromium Embedded Framework.

About Testing Electron Applications With TestComplete

Describes TestComplete automated testing support for applications created with Electron.


You can walk through the Testing Web Applications - Tutorial to learn the basics of creating web tests. This tutorial is recommended for novice users and for users who do not have experience in web test automation.


To use the following samples, download the TestComplete Samples installation package from the page of our website and run it.

General-Purpose Sample

This is a general-purpose cross-browser test project for the sample Orders application on the SmartBear web site.

Tested web application:

TestComplete project suites:

<TestComplete Samples>\Web\Orders\Web

Handling Browser Dialogs

This test project demonstrates how to automate various JavaScript popups and browser dialogs.

Tested web page:

TestComplete project suites:

<TestComplete Samples>\Web\Dialogs Sample

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