Server Monitoring

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

This section describes how you can monitor the performance of your tested web servers.

In This Section

About Server Monitoring

Describes how you can track performance metrics of your tested web servers during the test run.

Preparing Servers for Monitoring

Describes how to configure your web servers under test to make their performance counters available to LoadComplete.

Add New Performance Counter

Describes how to add counters to your project to monitor the performance of the tested web server.

Managing Server-Side Performance Counters

Describes how to work with performance counters in your projects.

Server Counters Reference

Describes server performance counters you can monitor in LoadComplete when running load tests.

Related Topics of Interest

Client-Side Monitoring

Describes how to monitor basic performance counters that LoadComplete measures on the client side.

Monitoring Test Progress

Explains how you can monitor the virtual user progress during test runs.

Monitoring Performance Graphs

Describes how you can monitor the performance of your tested web server in the graph form.

Select Host Dialog

Describes how to connect to the tested server whose performance you want to monitor.


Server Monitoring - Tutorial

Use this tutorial to learn how to monitor and analyze server metrics using performance counters.

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