Running Load Tests

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

This section explains how to run, stop and monitor test runs with LoadComplete.

In This Section

Starting a Test

Describes how to run the recorded test from LoadComplete.

Stopping the Test

Describes how to stop the running load test.

Stopping Tests on Errors

Describes how to configure a load test to stop on errors.

Scheduling Test Runs

Explains how to launch tests at a specific point in time.

Client-Side Monitoring

Describes how you can monitor various parameters that LoadComplete measures on the computers, where load test is running.

Runtime Pages

Describes how to monitor the test run.

Batch Runs

Provides detailed information about batch runs and how to work with them in LoadComplete.

Server Monitoring

Describes how you can monitor performance of the tested server with LoadComplete.

Handling Unexpected Redirects

Describes how LoadComplete handles unexpected redirects when simulating recorded traffic.

Related Topics of Interest

Recording User Scenarios

Explains how to record traffic between your computer and the tested web server to be later simulated by your tests.

Creating and Configuring Load Tests

Explains how to create and configure tests.

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