Working With Test Results

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

This section contains topics that describe how to perform various operations on test results.

In This Section

Adding and Deleting Log Files

Explains how to import external test results into the project and how to remove results that are no longer needed.

Renaming Log Items

Describes how to rename test results.

Printing Test Results

Explains how you can print test results.

Exporting Test Results

Explains how you can export test results to an external file so that they can be viewed outside of LoadComplete.

Sending Test Results via Email

Explains how you can send test results via email from LoadComplete.

Posting Issues to JIRA

Explains how you can post issues to JIRA directly from LoadComplete.

Viewing Actual Request and Response Bodies

Explains how to obtain the actual request and response bodies using LoadComplete test results.

Filtering Results Data

Explains how to filter test results and view only information you need.

Related Topics of Interest

Comparing Test Results

Explains how to compare test results.

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