Analyzing Results

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

This section contains topics that describe load test results and explain how you can work with them from LoadComplete.

In This Section

About Test Results

Provides general information on test result panels and analysis.

Resolving Errors and Warnings

Explains how to troubleshoot test results and find the cause of an error.

Analyzing the Report - The Most Important Metrics

Describes the most important metrics that let you analyze the tested application's performance.

Comparing Test Results

Explains how to generate reports that show the dynamic of test results.

Working With Test Results

Describes how you can work with test results from within LoadComplete.

Test Result Panels

Contains information on panels in which LoadComplete displays test results.

Timing Scenario Execution

Explains how load test execution time is calculated.

How LoadComplete Calculates Metric Values

Explains the results of which requests, pages and scenarios LoadComplete uses to calculate summary results.

Whether You Need Detailed Results

Explains when you may want to configure LoadComplete to collect detailed results on simulated requests and responses and when you may want to discard the detailed results.

Viewing Errors and Warnings

Explains how you can configure LoadComplete to collect data on errors and warnings that occur during the test run and how to view the collected data.

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