Exporting Test Results

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

LoadComplete stores test results in the Logs folder of your project. To view these results, you must have LoadComplete installed on your computer.

To view results outside of LoadComplete (for example, on a computer, where LoadComplete is not installed), you can export them to an external file:

  • PDF

  • HTML

  • XML

  • CSV

  • MHT

  • ZIP

This section provides information on how you can export test results to various file formats.

In This Section

Exporting Load Test Report

Explains how to export summary test results, graphs and charts displayed in the Report panel to PDF, HTML, MHT, or ZIP files.

Exporting Detailed Test Results

Explains how to export information on requests simulated during the test run to CSV or XML files.

Structure of Exported Results

Describes the data structure of the exported CSV and XML files.

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