Viewing Actual Request and Response Bodies

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

When you run load tests, it may be very helpful to know the actual data each request sends to the server and the data received from the server. With that data, it is easier to find the cause of errors that occur during the test run.

For example, if your test uses variables to parameterize requests or extract data from responses, you may want to learn the exact values of those variables during the test run.

You can view the exact data sent to and received from the server in the Request Body and Response Body panels.

To command the test engine to store the values sent to the server during the test run, set the Store log data option to All data (Report + Details) and the Store request and response data option to Complete data (start line, headers and body). Otherwise, LoadComplete will not gather the needed information.

Viewing the Actual Request Body

You can view the body of POST requests only.

To check whether a request is a POST request, select the request in the list and examine the Request Header panel. POST requests use the POST method.

After you make sure that the request is of the POST type:

  • Select the request in the request list.

  • Switch to the Request Body panel.

  • Explore the data the panel displays. It contains the body of the request sent to the server.

Viewing the Actual Response Body

  • Select a request in the request list.

  • Switch to the Response Body panel.

  • Explore the data the panel displays. It contains the body of the response received from the server to the request.

What to Do If a Response Contains Invalid Data

A response may contain invalid data if –

  • Your test passed invalid values to request parameters.

  • The server returned invalid data.

  • The server functionality was changed and the server rejects requests with obsolete parameters.

If you think that a response contains invalid data, you can define a validation rule for that response. It will help you ensure that the problem will not occur any more. See Creating Validation Rules.

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