Resolving Errors and Warnings

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

The test engine may report that errors and warnings occurred during the test run. This section contains information that will help you troubleshoot problems.

In This Section

About Resolving Errors and Warnings

Provides general information on error and warning causes and explains how to troubleshoot them.

Resolving Warnings

Explains how to troubleshoot warnings reported by the test engine.

Resolving Errors

Explains how to troubleshoot errors reported by the test engine.

Typical Response Codes

Describes response codes that signal about errors and explains how to eliminate problems.

Related Topics of Interest

Setting Expected Response Codes

Explains how to customize whether LoadComplete should report specific status codes as OK, Warning or Error.

Stopping Tests on Errors

Explains how you can configure your load tests to stop when a certain amount of errors occurs.

Viewing Errors and Warnings

Explains how you can configure LoadComplete to collect data on errors and warnings and how you can view the collected data.

Handling Data Correlation Errors

Explains how you can configure LoadComplete to handle various errors that may occur in tests when correlating data.

Adding Custom Messages

Explains how you can post custom messages, including custom errors and warnings, to the test log.

Need Assistance?

If you need help with resolving errors and warnings, click Ask for Assistance on the Test Engine toolbar at the top of the LoadComplete window. This will open a web page, where you can contact product specialists. If you use LoadComplete Trial, LoadComplete will suggest that you contact a product specialist after scenario verification fails, or if a load test with 25 or fewer virtual users fails.

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