About Resolving Errors and Warnings

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

During a load test run, LoadComplete may report errors, warnings, or both. You can view them:

  • During the test run, on the Runtime > Messages page of your project.

  • After the test run is over:

    • In the Detailed test log.

    • On the Warnings and Errors graph of the Pass / Fail report. Click the needed data point on the graph to view the errors and warnings that occurred at that moment.

For more information, see Viewing Errors and Warnings.

LoadComplete reports an error if
  • It fails to simulate a request or does not get a response from the server.

  • The service level agreement (SLA) criteria are violated.

  • Validation fails.

  • A data selector fails to extract any value from a server response.

To learn how you can configure the way LoadComplete should handle errors that occur when correlating data, see Handling Data Correlation Errors.

LoadComplete reports a warning if
  • The actual response code differs from the recorded response code (regression mismatch). A warning does not necessarily mean that the simulation has failed.

Note: If a request is redirected unexpectedly during simulation (though it was not redirected during the recording), LoadComplete will validate the code of the successive server response rather than the actual 3xx Redirection response. To learn more, see Handling Unexpected Redirects.
If a request is declined unexpectedly during simulation due to the absence of credentials (though it was accepted during the recording), and a 401 Unauthorized response is received, LoadComplete will attempt to send an authentication request automatically. If the authorization passes, LoadComplete will validate the code of the successive server response rather than the initial 401 Unauthorized response. To learn more, see Automatic Authentication.
How to resolve

To learn possible causes of errors and warnings, analyze the information on the problematic requests in the load test log. For information on resolving errors and warnings, see the following topics:

For information on “problem” response codes, see Typical Response Codes.

Ask for assistance

If you need help with resolving errors and warnings, click Ask for Assistance on the Test Engine toolbar at the top of the LoadComplete window. This will open a web page, where you can contact product specialists. If you use LoadComplete Trial, LoadComplete will suggest that you contact a product specialist after scenario verification fails, or if a load test with 25 or fewer virtual users fails.

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