Discover the new experience of Zephyr Squad, including improved performance, stability, usability, and new features.

What distinguishes the new Zephyr Squad experience?

The new Zephyr Squad experience offers:

  • A test case library for better organization.

  • N-level folder structure for test cycles.

  • Reordering of test executions within a cycle.

  • Enhanced test steps editing with wiki editor support.

  • Bulk execution of test cases.

  • Ability to add issue links, custom fields, comments, attachments, and set status for test cycles.

  • Enhanced reporting for test execution results.

  • Improved overall performance.

How does the new experience of Zephyr Squad differ from Zephyr Scale?

Zephyr Scale targets enterprise users, while Zephyr Squad is designed for smaller, agile teams. The new Zephyr Squad experience is a streamlined version of Zephyr Scale with fewer features.

What changes should I when transitioning from the legacy Zephyr Squad to new experience?

Expect significant changes in user experience. Test cases will no longer be Jira issues. Some new features will be added, and some Jira-dependent features will be omitted.

Is there any risk of data loss during the transition to the new Zephyr Squad experience?

In the initial releases, certain data will not be migrated, including:

  • Execution history

  • JQL filters

  • Tagged users on test case comments

  • Sprint and test cycle links

  • Test automation jobs

  • BDD tags

How will the absence of Versions and Test Plans features in the new experience of Zephyr Squad impact my workflow?

Versions are available as fields in the new experience of Zephyr Squad. Though it is not in the tree hierarchy of cycles/folders, you can group the test cycles with a version.

Test Plans, an enterprise feature, were never part of the legacy Zephyr Squad and are not included in the new experience.

Will new features be added to the new Zephyr Squad experience in the future?

Yes, we continually seek customer feedback and plan to add features like test case notifications and execution history soon.

Can I revert to the legacy Zephyr Squad after upgrading?

Once the data migration is done, users can switch between old and new experiences to validate the data and UX. It's not possible to revert to the older experience once you finalized the migration and chose to use the new experience.

Where can I seek help if I encounter issues or have questions?

You can choose to create a support ticket with Zephyr Squad team if you face any issues. You can drop your message in the Zephyr community as well.

How can I provide feedback on the new Zephyr Squad experience?

Ideas portal, Zephyr Support, Zephyr community are some channels where you can provide your feedback.

Where can I find resources to learn more about Zephyr Squad?

You can check the About page. Later, we plan to include videos on Zephyr Squad on the SmartBear Academy page.

How will updates and enhancements be rolled out for new experience of Zephyr Squad?

Updates and enhancements will be released to instances similarly to current practices, as Zephyr Squad is a cloud-based app.

Will the pricing for new experience of Zephyr Squad differ from legacy Zephyr Squad?


How does the new experience of Zephyr Squad ensure data security and privacy?

Zephyr Squad is GDPR compliant and does not store users personal data. It also has the Atlassian Security badge.

Can I try the new experience of Zephyr Squad before making the switch?

Yes, you can try it by installing the Zephyr Squad app from the marketplace on a new Jira instance.

How will the new experience of Zephyr Squad integrate with my existing tools and workflows?

Zephyr Squad offers REST APIs for integration with existing tools and supports various test automation frameworks.

How user-friendly is the new experience of Zephyr Squad compared to the legacy version?

The new experience is more user-friendly, offering features like a test library and n-level folder structure. Enhancements like a wiki editor improve usability by simplifying rich text editing.

Can I customize the new Zephyr Squad experience to better suit my team's needs?

Yes, you can customize fields, statuses, environments, labels, iterations, and priorities.

What performance improvements can I expect with the new experience of Zephyr Squad?

Expect significant improvements in page load performance and operations for test cases, test cycles, and test executions.

Does the new experience of Zephyr Squad support integration with third-party applications?

Zephyr Squad offers REST APIs that can be used to integrate with third-party applications.

Can I use my existing legacy Zephyr Squad license for the new experience of Zephyr Squad?

Yes, your existing license will work with the new Zephyr Squad experience without any changes.

Is there any training or onboarding provided for users of the new experience of Zephyr Squad?

We provide the About page with all the details for the new experience of Zephyr Squad. Later, we plan to include videos on the new experience of Squad on the SmartBear Academy page.

Can I migrate from Squad to Scale?

We support Squad to Scale upgrade but only from Squad older experience. Check our Zephyr Squad to Scale Migration Guide or contact our support team.

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