Gherkin Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)

Writing Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) test cases is easy. Zephyr Squad allows you to create a BDD test case in Jira and export it to a feature file. The feature file can be used as a reference for writing unit tests that are necessary for it to run.

BDD test cases are written in Gherkin syntax. Here is a list of supported and not supported keywords:

Supported keywords such as Given, When, and Then are highlighted as you type your test case.

Create a BDD Gherkin Script

  1. Open a test case, and click the Test Script tab.

  2. Select BDD - Gherkin from the Type dropdown. The Gherkin editor appears.

  3. Write your test case. Remember not to include Feature or Scenario.

  4. Click Save when you are finished, and close the test case.

  5. Select Export Feature Files (BDD - Gherkin) from More to download the feature file for your new test case (or the selected test cases).

  6. The zip file downloads to your computer. Developers using your company’s supported BDD tool can reference this information when writing automated tests related to the test case.

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