This documentation is a comprehensive guide to help you understand, install, configure, and effectively utilize Zephyr Squad.


Zephyr Squad is the Jira-native test management software with core test planning and execution tools. It offers a range of powerful features and functionalities that empower users to improve and automate their testing.

Whether you are a developer, system administrator, or end user, this documentation will guide you through every aspect of Zephyr Squad.

Key Features

  • Test case repository: Streamline the organization of your test cases, manage your testing assets more efficiently, and reuse test cases across multiple sprints.

  • Test reporting: Get enhanced insights into your test execution results through several report types, dashboards, and widgets.

  • Automation and integration: Improve collaboration and automate testing processes through native Jira integration and integrations to BDD and CI tools.

Get Started

This section guides you through the initial steps to install and set up Zephyr Squad. It includes system requirements, installation instructions, and any necessary dependencies or prerequisites to ensure a smooth deployment. Follow the instructions, and be up and running with Zephyr Squad quickly.

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API Documentation

For developers interested in extending or integrating Zephyr Squad with other systems, the API Documentation provides detailed information about available APIs, endpoints, and data structures. It includes examples, code snippets, and best practices to facilitate seamless integration and customization.

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Support and Resources

If you have any problems or have questions while using Zephyr Squad, our support team is here to help you. This section provides information on how to contact our support team, access online forums, or submit bug reports. We also offer resources like FAQs, knowledge base articles, and video tutorials to enhance your understanding and usage of Zephyr Squad.

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This documentation is continuously updated to ensure it remains a comprehensive and valuable resource for users at all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, we are confident that this documentation empowers you to make the most of Zephyr Squad and achieve your desired outcomes.

We appreciate your trust in our software and look forward to assisting you on your journey to success.

SmartBear Team

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