Zephyr Squad allows you to set permissions for specific actions, such as creation or edition test cases. Set permissions to perform those actions at the individual Jira user level or to a Jira role or group.


You must have project admin privileges to complete this task.

Edit your permissions carefully! When you have permission to delete test cases, you are also able to delete test executions.

  1. Open your Jira project to enable/disable specific permissions.

  2. Select Project settings from the menu.

  3. Click Zephyr Squad when the Apps drop-down appears.

  4. Open your Jira project to enable/disable specific permissions.


    Optional: Toggle Permission System on or off. The default setting is disabled (off), which means all users with access to the Jira project can do all of the test-related actions in Zephyr Squad.

  5. Click one of the editable fields for the action you want to change.

  6. Add or remove users, roles, and/or groups for the action from the drop-down list.

  7. Click outside the editable fields to autosave changes.

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