Troubleshoot REST API Issues

As we continue to improve the API for Zephyr Squad Cloud, you may experience some minor issues as you begin to use the new features.

If you find an issue, please raise a ticket through our Support Desk, including screenshots, error messages, etc., so we can address it as soon as possible.

Here are some common issues that you may experience while using the REST API, and some solutions:

I'm getting a 401 - Unauthorized response.

Verify that you've selected Authorization: Bearer {bearer_token} and added your access key from Zephyr Squad API key generator. See Generate API Access Token for more information.

I'm getting a 404 - Not Found response.

Verify that you're using the correct base URL for accessing the API. The base URL is not your Jira instance URL but the one provided by Zephyr Squad: The 404 - Not Found response is also returned if an object, such as a test case, cannot be found.

I'm getting a 403 - Forbidden response.

Verify that you're using the correct endpoint. For example, a common mistake is to reference /testexecution instead of /testexecutions. If the endpoint is incorrect, you'll receive a 403 response. You also receive this response if your API Access Key is invalid/incorrect or if you have not provided any credentials when attempting to access the API.

I'm getting a 400 - Bad Request response.

Verify that you've included all of the required fields in your request. For example, for the POST /testexecutions endpoint, you must include the projectKey field as shown in the API documentation.

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