Customize Fields for Test Cases, Cycles, Plans, Steps, and Executions

You can create custom fields for test cases, test cycles, test plans, test steps, and test executions. The following field types are available:

  • Checkbox

  • Number

  • Decimal Number

  • Text-Field (Single-Line)

  • Text-Field (Multi-Line)

  • Select List (Single Choice)

  • Select List (Multi-Choice)

  • User Picker

  • Date Picker

You can define whether each field is required or not.

  1. Click one of the options in the Custom Fields section: Test Cases, Test Plans, Test Cycles, Test Steps, or Test Executions.

  2. Enter a field name.

  3. Select a field type from the drop-down list. If you choose one of the Select List types, you are prompted to add list options. Enter a value, then click Add.

  4. Optional: Check the Required box to make the field required.

    Required fields must have a value before you save a new test case/plan/cycle/step/execution.

  5. Click Add.Your custom field appears at the bottom of the list. Hover over the row to edit or delete the field.

Custom fields appear on the Details tab (More Information section) of each test case/plan/cycle/step/execution in the project.

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