Create New Project Wizard - Enter Project Attributes Page

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

You use the Create New Project wizard to create a new project and add it to an existing or new project suite. On the Enter project attributes page of the wizard, you specify the name, location and scripting language of the project, as well as some additional settings:

The 'Enter project attributes' page

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  • Project name - Specifies the name of the project. TestComplete will automatically add the .mds extension to this name when creating the project file.

  • Project location - Specifies the folder, where the project file will be created.

  • Create a new project suite - Available only if a project suite is currently open in TestComplete. Specifies whether TestComplete will add the new project to the current project suite or will create a new project suite.

  • Scripting language - Select a scripting language for the project. You can choose one of the following languages:

    • JavaScript
    • Python
    • VBScript

    A project’s language cannot be changed later, so choose wisely.

    For information on other supported scripting languages, see the Other languages section below.

    Which language should I choose?

    I am testing a Delphi (Java, Visual Basic) application, should I use DelphiScript (JavaScript, VBScript)?

    I'm going to automate BDD tests. What language to choose?

    Will I have to write script tests? What about keyword tests?

    What is the difference between JavaScript and JScript?

    Other languages

  • Use XPath and CSS selectors for web objects - Commands TestComplete to use XPath expressions and CSS selectors to locate web objects in your tested web application. Having this option enabled is compulsory for creating cross-platform web tests, that is, tests that can be run in remote environments that use web browsers not supported by TestComplete directly, like Safari, and operating systems and platforms, like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS, mobile Android and iOS. To learn more, see About Cross-Platform Web Tests.

    By default, the check box is selected. If you clear the check box, TestComplete will use identification properties to locate web objects.

  • Tested application - Select this check box if you want to add your desktop or mobile application to the tested application list of your new project. By having the application in this list, you can configure its command-line parameters and run the application easier. You can also add tested applications at any time later. See About Tested Applications.

    Note: The wizard doesn’t have a way to add web applications to the list of tested applications because, by default, TestComplete offers a more convenient approach: it will automatically do this when you start recording a test in a browser.

  • BDD files - Select this check box to import your BDD feature files to your project to automate them. You import feature files stored on your hard drive, or import feature files from CucumberStudio. You can also import files at any time after you create the project.

    Note: If you select this check box, you need to choose a scripting language other than DelphiScript. The latter doesn’t support BDD.

After you have specified the needed settings on the page, click Next to proceed to configure the project, or click Finish to create a new project with the specified name. Cancel will close the wizard without saving any changes.

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