Applies to TestComplete 14.10, last modified on June 5, 2019

Topics of this section explain how you can integrate TestComplete into your QA and development processes.

In This Section

Integration With Source Control Systems

Describes how TestComplete integrates with source code control systems.

Integration With Issue-Tracking Systems

Explains how you can create and use issue-tracking templates in TestComplete.

Integration With Microsoft Visual Studio and Azure DevOps

Describes how you can extend your Visual Studio test projects with TestComplete projects, and vice versa.

TestComplete Connector for HP Quality Center

Describes how you can export your TestComplete projects to HP Quality Center tests.

Integration With Jenkins

Describes how you can integrate your TestComplete tests into your application build and test process managed by Jenkins.

Integration With Zephyr for Jira

Describes how you can use TestComplete to automate tests created with Zephyr for JIRA.

Integration With Bamboo

Describes how you can integrate your TestComplete tests into your application development, build and deployment processes managed by Bamboo plans.

Integration With Selenium

Describes how you can include your Selenium tests in TestComplete test projects and run them as part of your automated tests.

Integration With

Describes how you can run TestComplete web tests in virtual environments that CrossBrowserTesting Cloud provides.

HipTest Integration

Describes how you can use TestComplete to automate BDD scenarios stored in a HipTest project.

Integration With ReadyAPI and SoapUI

Explains how you can include your functional and security API tests created with ReadyAPI or SoapUI in TestComplete projects.

Integration With QAComplete

Explains how you can export TestComplete tests directly to QAComplete.

Integration With Unit Testing Frameworks

Describes how to run unit tests created with various unit testing frameworks from TestComplete.

Integration With LoadComplete

Describes how to convert your functional web tests to load tests by using LoadComplete.

Integration With AQtime

Contains information on integrating TestComplete with AQtime.

Integration With Continuous Integration (CI) Systems

Describes how to include TestComplete automated tests into application lifecycles managed with various continuous integration (CI) systems.

TestComplete REST API

Describes the TestComplete REST API.

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