TestComplete Connector for HP Quality Center

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024


TestComplete Connector links TestComplete with HP Quality Center and ALM software, so that you can import TestComplete tests into HP Quality Center, arrange them into test sets, run them, and store the results. Using the TestComplete Connector, engineering and test teams that use Quality Center can implement seamless integration of TestComplete tests into tests managed by Quality Center.

In TestComplete x64, you cannot export TestComplete projects to Quality Center. To do this, use TestComplete x86.

Supported Versions

TestComplete Connector supports the following versions of HP Quality Center:

  • HP Application Lifecycle Management - Quality Center v. 11 - 12.

According to the API documentation, integration with HP Quality Center v. 10 should work as well. If you have some problems with the integration, please contact SmartBear’s support team.


To run TestComplete tests from HP Quality Center, you need to –

  • Install HP Quality Center’s Connectivity Add-In.

  • Prepare your TestComplete project suite.

  • Make sure that your user account has permissions for importing and running tests in HP Quality Center.

For complete information, see Requirements for Working With HP Quality Center.


You purchase TestComplete Connector separately from TestComplete. To use it, you need to activate a separate license, as described in the Activating the TestComplete Quality Center Connector and Its License topic. After you activate a license, you can enable the corresponding plugin in TestComplete and use TestComplete Connector.


TestComplete includes a dialog that you use to export TestComplete project suites to Quality Center. To run the imported TestComplete tests from Quality Center, you use the scripts that TestComplete Connector adds to Quality Center.

To learn more about using TestComplete Connector, see the Using TestComplete Quality Center Connector section.


For information on resolving issues that may occur when you run TestComplete tests from HP Quality Center, see TestComplete Connector for HP Quality Center - Troubleshooting.

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