Integration With ReadyAPI and SoapUI

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

ReadyAPI and SoapUI by SmartBear are automated testing tools that you can use to create functional and security tests for web service APIs.

This section explains how to integrate API tests created with ReadyAPI or SoapUI (including open-source SoapUI) into TestComplete projects.

In This Section

About Integration With ReadyAPI and SoapUI

Explains how to add your functional and security API tests created with SoapUI or ReadyAPI to a TestComplete project.


Explains how to prepare your computer and TestComplete for running API tests.

Running ReadyAPI and SoapUI Tests

Explains how to add ReadyAPI and SoapUI tests to a test project and run them from TestComplete.

ReadyAPI Test Logs

Describes the results of ReadyAPI and SoapUI tests.

ReadyAPI Test Editor

Describes the ReadyAPI Test editor and explains how to configure properties of functional and security API tests.

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