Integration With Microsoft Visual Studio and Azure DevOps

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

Microsoft Visual Studio includes tools and technologies for all members of software development teams: project architects, developers, managers and, of course, testers. TestComplete can integrate with these tools giving your Quality Assurance team the ability to:

  • Run unit tests created with Visual Studio as part of your TestComplete projects:

    TestComplete integration with Visual Studio: Run Visual Studio unit tests from TestComplete

    Click the image to enlarge it.

  • Run TestComplete tests directly from your MSBuild projects:


    <!-- File: MSBUILD.proj -->

    <Project DefaultTargets="Build"
      <!-- Declares the task type that will run TestComplete projects--> 
      <UsingTask TaskName="TC15.ExecuteSolution" AssemblyName= "MSBuildTC15Task, Version=,
    Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=e33f56e68d0f845e"/>



  • Integrate TestComplete tests into your team projects managed with Azure DevOps or Team Foundation Server. To learn more about it, see Integration With Azure DevOps and Team Foundation Server via TestComplete Test Adapter.

In other words, you can mix tests created in both products and make your testing flexible and powerful.

In This Section

Running Visual Studio Unit Tests From TestComplete

Describes how you can run Visual Studio unit tests from TestComplete projects.

Running TestComplete Tests From MSBuild Projects

Explains how to integrate TestComplete projects into MSBuild projects.

(Obsolete) Run TestComplete Tests From Visual Studio

Describes how to run TestComplete tests from Visual Studio.

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