Integration With Bamboo

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

Bamboo is a continuous integration (CI) system by Atlassian. If you use TestComplete for automated testing of your application, you may want to include your TestComplete tests into your application build and test lifecycle managed by Bamboo.

In your Bamboo plan, you can use the Script task to create a script or a batch file that will run your tests by using either the TestComplete command line or the SessionCreator utility that is shipped with TestComplete and TestExecute.

This section describes how to run TestComplete tests as part of a Bamboo build plan.

In This Section


Describes the requirements that must be met to run TestComplete tests from Bamboo.

Specifying Bamboo Agents to Run TestComplete Tests

Describes how to use custom capabilities to specify Bamboo agents where TestComplete (TestExecute) is installed and where you will run your tests.

Running TestComplete Tests

Describes how to run TestComplete tests from Bamboo.

Getting TestComplete Test Results

Describes how to configure Bamboo to get TestComplete test results.

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TestComplete Command Line

Describes how you can run TestComplete tests from a command line.


Describes the SessionCreator utility and how you can use it to create interactive user sessions and run automated tests.

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