Applies to TestComplete 14.30, last modified on November 21, 2019

This section explains how to automate some common web testing tasks, such as launching the browser, finding web page objects, handling JavaScript popups, dealing with dynamic identifiers and so on.

In This Section

Launching Browsers

Explains how you can run web browsers from your tests.

Navigating to Web Pages

Explains how to navigate to web pages in a running browser.

Waiting For Web Pages

Describes approaches to waiting until a web page finishes loading.

Checking if Browser Is Running

Explains how to check whether the web browser is running from your tests.

Closing Browsers

Explains how to close the web browser from your tests.

Finding Objects on Web Pages

Describes various methods for locating web page elements.

Using Checkpoints With Web Controls

Explains how you can verify web pages and web page elements.

Handling Dynamic Identifiers in Web Applications

Explains how TestComplete lets you robustly identify web objects whose identifier changes dynamically.

Testing Dynamic Web Pages

Provides tips on testing web pages whose contents change dynamically.

Accessing Native Web Attributes and Methods

Explains how you can use native attributes, properties and methods of web page elements in your tests.

Handling JavaScript Popups and Browser Dialogs

Explains how you can automate modal dialog boxes such as JavaScript alerts, prompts, confirmations and so on.

Accessing DOM document Object

Explains how you can access a web page’s DOM document object and use it in your tests.

Executing JavaScript on Web Pages

Explains how you can run arbitrary JavaScript code on a tested web page.

Changing Browser Settings from Tests

Explains how you can read and modify browser settings as part of your tests.

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