Test Library

Applies to QAComplete�14.4, last modified on June 20, 2024

The topics of this section describe the QACompleteTest Library and the way you can create, enhance, and describe QAComplete tests.

In This Section

About Test Library

Describes the Test Library screen and controls available to you there.

Add, Edit, and Delete Tests

Describes how you can add and edit tests in the Test Library.

Manual Tests

Describes QAComplete manual tests in general.

Token Tests

Describes how to create QAComplete token tests which run multiple times using a different set of values.

Parameterized Tests

Describes how to parameterize QAComplete tests.

Automated Tests

This section describes automated tests in QAComplete, the Test Agent, and available automation agents.

Exploratory Tests

Describes how to record exploratory tests using the Test Runner.

Import and Export Tests

Describes how you can import and export tests in the Test Library.

Test Versions

Describes the built-in QAComplete test versioning mechanism.

Test Library Custom Fields

Describes how you can use custom fields to provide other users with additional information about your QAComplete tests.

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