QAComplete Integration for JIRA Plugin

Applies to QAComplete 14.4, last modified on June 20, 2024

JIRA is an issue-tracking system by Atlassian. You can use JIRA to manage your projects and track bugs, issues, use cases and requirements.

You can connect QAComplete to JIRA and synchronize JIRA issues with defects and requirements in QAComplete to:

  • Integrate issues you create in JIRA into your application/testing lifecycle in QAComplete.

  • Track and report on JIRA issues in QAComplete.

  • Track QAComplete entities in JIRA.

This section describes how to use the QAComplete Integration for JIRA plugin to connect JIRA projects with QAComplete projects and establish synchronization between JIRA issues and QAComplete defects and requirements.

In This Section

QAComplete – JIRA Connector service

Formerly, QAComplete used the JIRA Connector standalone service to integrate with JIRA. Since QAComplete version 11.3, the service is deprecated. It is supported for backward compatibility only.

If you have QAComplete version 11.3 or later, we recommend that you use the QAComplete Integration for JIRA plugin for JIRA integration.

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