Data Correlation

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

Data correlation is reusing values returned by a tested web server in subsequent requests in load tests. You use data correlation when testing web servers that send dynamic data to clients. This way you can make sure that the load test runs successfully.

This section explains how to capture dynamic values generated by the tested web servers and replace hard-coded values in your recorded scenarios with those dynamic values.

In This Section

About Data Correlation

Explains what data correlation is and when you need to use it.

Parameters That LoadComplete Can Correlate Automatically

Describes how LoadComplete correlates simulated request data automatically.

Creating Data Correlation Rules Automatically

Describes how to command LoadComplete to correlate dynamic parameters in recorded scenarios automatically.

Empirical Search Algorithms

Describes how LoadComplete correlates dynamic parameters, for which data correlation rules are not defined.

Creating Custom Data Correlation Rules Manually

Describes how to create custom correlation rules that LoadComplete will use to correlate dynamic parameters automatically.

Correlating Dynamic Parameters Automatically via the Correlate Requests and Response Parameters Wizard

Describes how to correlate dynamic parameters automatically via the Correlate Request and Response Parameters wizard.

Correlating Dynamic Parameters Manually

Describes how to correlate dynamic parameters manually.

Tracking Correlation Between Requests and Responses

Describes how the Scenario editor depicts data correlation between requests and responses in scenarios.

Converting Correlation Data

Explains why you need to decode or encode extracted data and describes how to define conversion rules.

Modifying Correlation Data

Explains how you can modify extracted data before you use it in subsequent requests.

Handling Data Correlation Errors

Explains how you can configure LoadComplete to handle various errors that may occur in tests when correlating data.

Related Topics of Interest

Data Correlation Options

Describes the correlation rules defined in LoadComplete and how LoadComplete uses them to correlate parameters.

Extracting Data From Responses

Explains how you can capture dynamic parameter values generated by the tested web application into variables.

Using Variables in Requests

Explains how you can replace recorded parameter values in requests sent to the tested web application with dynamically extracted values.

Parameterizing Requests

Explains how you can replace recorded values in requests with data from external sources or with data LoadComplete generates.

Changing the Tested Server

Explains how to retarget requests in a scenario to a web server whose URL is extracted from an external source or from a previous server response.

Specifying Appropriate Request Data

Explains why it is important to use appropriate test data and describes typical cases when data modification is needed.


Data Correlation - Tutorial

A quick tutorial that explains how to correlate dynamic parameters in recorded scenarios.

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