Empirical Search Algorithms

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

LoadComplete includes empirical search algorithms that it uses to find dynamic parameters, for which correlation rules are not defined.

When you command LoadComplete to correlate a scenario by using the algorithms, it performs the following actions:

  1. Parses requests and responses in a scenario.

  2. Analyzes the response and request data and finds all parameters in requests and responses.

    The algorithms only use paths to find dynamic parameters. They do not use regular expressions.
  3. Compares the parameters in requests and responses and finds parameters that meet the following conditions:

    • The parameter name in responses and requests is the same.

    • The parameter value in responses and requests is the same. When comparing values, LoadComplete applies various combinations of basic conversion rules to them.

    • The parameter, which a response returns, is used in at least one subsequent request.

  4. Correlates the parameters:

    • Creates a data selector that extracts the parameter value and adds it to a response that returns the parameter. If several responses return the same parameter, it adds the selector to the most recent response.

    • Creates data replacers that insert the extract parameter value and adds them to all subsequent requests that use the parameter.

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