Record and Replay

Applies to CrossBrowserTesting SaaS, last modified on September 13, 2021

Why use Record & Replay?

An automated test runs automatically and automatically verifies if the tested website functions as expected. The easiest way to create an automated test is to record user actions on the tested website. This is what the Record & Replay feature is for. You use it to record a web test and then play that script back multiple times to check if the website’s behavior changed or not.

  • Record & Replay is designed to make automated testing seamless and easy.

    With no programming knowledge required, you can create an automated script with just a few clicks.

  • No need to hassle with complex languages and frameworks to build an automated script.

    The Record & Replay tool helps any user transition from a Manual Live Tester into a powerful Automated user. We have constructed this tool to work solely through a simple Interface. No need to hack around a text editor, with cumbersome frameworks, to get your scripts up and running in no time.

How it works

You start recording and work with the tested website as a user would do this: scroll pages, input text, click links, and so on. The recorder saves your user actions to a script. You can record multiple scripts each checking one aspect of the tested application functioning.

To run scripts on a regular basis, you use test suites. A suite is a collection of scripts to be executed in different environments (also called configurations). An environment (or configuration) defines the browser, operating system, and screen resolution to be used for the run. A suite can have multiple configurations, and every script of the suite will run on every chosen configuration.

You can run suites manually, or schedule their runs using the built-in scheduler.




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