Automated Test Scheduling

Applies to CrossBrowserTesting SaaS, last modified on July 07, 2021

Now, with Scheduling for Record & Replay and automated screenshots, you can set tests to run on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and have the results sent to you via email or Slack. Scheduling is the next step in helping our customers achieve continuous testing without needing to learn highly technical CI tools like Jenkins, TeamCity, and VS Team Services.


How to get started with automated test scheduling

For Record and Replay

  1. Go to Replay a Suite under Record & Replay in the CrossBrowserTesting app.

  2. Select one of your suites.

    Note: You need a previously saved suite in order to schedule a Record & Replay test. Follow these directions to find out how to create a Record & Replay suite.
  3. Scroll down to Suite Schedules and click Add Schedule.

  4. Decide if you want to run the suite on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule and set a time for it to run. Choose if you want notifications via email or Slack and select Add Schedule.

For automated screenshots

  1. Go to View Test Results under Screenshots in the CrossBrowserTesting.

  2. Select which screenshot test you had to schedule and click Test Results.

    Note: You need to have previously run a screenshot test in order to schedule one. Follow these directions to find out how to take an automated screenshot of your website.
  3. Click Add Schedule and set to run daily, weekly, or monthly at a time of your choice. Select whether you want notifications through email or Slack and click Add Schedule.

That is it — just a few steps to functionally and visually testing your UI on a continuous basis with no code.

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