Applies to Collaborator 14.6, last modified on July 10, 2024

Basic Commands

The Command-Line Client provides a few basic commands which are unrelated to uploading files to the Collaborator Server:

  • help – Display help on using the Command-Line Client
  • login – Verify and/or change connection to the Collaborator Server
  • info – Validates server connection and SCM configuration
  • set – Save a global option setting

Upload Commands

The primary function of the Command-Line Client is to upload review materials (files) to the Collaborator Server.

The recommended commands to use vary by Version Control System:

In addition to the Version Control specific commands, the Command-Line Client provides a few basic upload commands that work for any (or no) Version Control system:

Upload commands that deal with files managed by Version Control systems should be called from any sub-folder within the working copy of your repository (the place on your local machine where files from an SCM system are checked-out). Otherwise, the commands may fail to detect the SCM configuration.

Scripting Commands

The Command-Line Client also includes many commands meant for constructing custom scripts, usually used for integrating with external systems or implementing custom behaviors. For more information see Scripting: Overview.

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