Review Simulink Models

Applies to Collaborator 13.10, last modified on December 30, 2021

Collaborator supports reviewing MathWorks Simulink models that are exported as web view archives.

Note: Reviewing Simulink models is only supported in Collaborator Enterprise edition with additional Simulink integration licenses purchased and assigned to users. For a complete list of differences between Collaborator editions, see the comparison page.
The Collaborator Visual Studio Extension and Eclipse Plug-in do not support reviewing Simulink models. Use the Web Client instead.


View Differences

The UI displays differences between two revisions of a Simulink model in a side-by-side layout. Diff Viewer can highlight differences in block properties, differences in embedded code, as well as differences in graphical objects: changes are yellow, additions are green and deletions are red.

Reviewing Simulink models

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Selecting a block will display its properties in the right side of the revision pane. Changes in property values are highlighted as well.

Display options

The Display panel has specific options for Simulink model review.

  • When the Show diff based on block properties option is enabled Diff Viewer will highlight blocks whose properties have been added, deleted or changed.
  • When the Show diff based on image comparison option is enabled Diff Viewer will highlight graphical objects that have been added, deleted or changed.

Make comments and mark defects

On the left of the main Diff Viewer page, there is a pane for chat threads, where you can view and make comments and mark defects that should be fixed. When reviewing Simulink models, you can create global, annotation, overall for file revision, element and label comments and defects. Comment and defect description could be in plain-text or use rich-text and Markdown formatting, they could also mention other Collaborator users.

To comment on a specific element of a model, click the desired element (block, property, line and so on) in the content view, type your comment in the text box and click Add. To add defects, click the desired element in the content view, type the defect description, click Add as defect and fill-in the required fields.

Alternatively, you may specify an arbitrary label, such as "Header section", to describe the content you are referring to.

To learn more about communicating during the reviews, see Types of Review Comments and Defects and Review Chats, Comments, and Defects topics.

Technical details and limitations

  • To export Simulink models as web view archive you should have MathWorks Simulink version 2018 and newer with Simulink Report Generator installed.

  • To use the Collaborator Simulink Reviewer App you should have MathWorks Simulink version 2019 and newer with Simulink Report Generator installed.

  • Any Collaborator user can upload Simulink archive to Collaborator server. However, to review the archive contents, users should have Simulink integration license. These licenses are purchased from SmartBear additionally to Collaborator Enterprise licenses and are assigned to particular users by your Collaborator administrators.

  • Simulink integration licenses can be re-assigned only once in 24 hours.

  • When exporting models as web view archive, Simulink does not export complete information about a model. Consequently, some information will not be available to Collaborator and cannot be reviewed.

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